Christmas Traditions You’ll Wish you Started Last Year

Every year about this time, I start getting really excited about the upcoming Christmas season. I’m pretty certain it is directly related to when we get our first snowfall, which just so happened to be yesterday.  But that’s okay –  when there is snow, there is Christmas:) One thing that makes Christmas so special and […]

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99 Things Moms Should Stop Apologizing For

“I’m sorry.” I said to a lady in the grocery store as my daughter swung her arms and ran down the aisle making noises only a mom could love.  “Sorry for what?”  She asked me.  “Oh, for her running around like a child.”  The sweet lady cracked a smile and replied, “She is a child.” […]

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20 Books to Prepare your Child for a New Sibling

This post may contain affiliate links. I’ve always known that I wanted more than one child. What I didn’t know about, was that bittersweet feeling that I was going to have once I saw those double lines on the pregnancy test. It was the real deal, all over again and things were about to change real […]

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Thanksgiving Planner Printable

Hosting a huge gathering for family and friends is hard work! I host Thanksgiving every few years, and it’s a lot to take on. Luckily my mom, sister, and other family members come together to help out and make sure everything gets done. Last year, we hosted a Friendsgiving where we deep fried a turkey, […]

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Safe Baby Sleep: The Worried Mama’s Guide

This post may contain affiliate links. As a new mom, there is one thing above all others that makes a new mama nervous. Is your baby’s crib a safe environment? With all of the talk going on about SIDS, I was terrified to put my sweet little babe into that big ol’ crib all by herself. Was […]

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How to Rock Your Morning Routine as a Working Mom

This post may contain affiliate links. Ahh, motherhood. An unbelievable journey that also has a tendency to make you feel out of control, lost, unorganized and downright crazy at times. We have our good days, and we have our bad days, but amazingly, there is just enough balance between the two that makes like special. […]

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Gift Like a Smart Person : Educational Toys for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-K’s

This post may contain affiliate links. Want to gift a little smarter this year? Want to encourage learning and brain development through play? When children play with educational toys, learning naturally follows. Unfortunately, not all toys are created equal!  Lucky for you, there are many educational toys specifically designed to encourage learning and promote brain […]

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Party Planning Printable – Plan A Pinterest Worthy Party!

When it comes to planning a birthday party, there is a lot to consider! Where will the party be? Who will be invited? What will we feed the guests? Sounds like you need my a party planning printable! Parties and events make my heart skip a beat! I am a natural planner, so I get […]

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